Friday, December 9, 2011

The Cold, the Dark, the Bad, and the Criminal!

What is it about winter that makes me devour mystery novels? Maybe it's the bizarre cold and the simple thought of curling up toe nails under an exaggerated blanket, with the big bad world going on a killing/looting/tricking spree outdoors? Possible!
Last winter it was McDermid's Fever of the Bone, and this time it's The Mermaids Singing. Not that I am particularly biased towards lesbian mystery writers. I've predictably had my share of Holmes and Poirot as well. It's just the thought of indoor warmth and outdoor mystery that I fall prey to...time and again.Is this not a very normal behavioural trait? The man tells me, it isn't. I think he is faintly of the opinion that I have all the possible germs of a grotesque criminal in's just the shards of a gentle bourgeois society that keep me in a leash. Really? But I've always enjoyed mystery in winter.
I've spent countless winter afternoons, sitting on sunny patches with Famous Fives, Secret Sevens, and shaky milk teeth...blatantly scared of the infamous tooth fairy.
As I grew my adult teeth, my tastes in mystery became more grown up, and I started reading Nancy Drews wrapped in obscure newspaper covers, enjoying every bit of the adult romance between Nancy and her Emersonian boyfriend, Ned.Then came all the classic Conan Doyles and the Agatha Christies this world could think of.
I guess, this hankering for mystery is just my love for imagining things. There have been times when I have been in bed, just imagining that a killer is picking up my scent and trying to track me down...all the way from the busy railway station, past the old brick-coloured houses, across the motor way, past the grocery shop....getting slightly confused at times, but approaching me nevertheless....isn't that supposed to be thrilling? Of course the killer cannot enter the building and kill me in the end. My reality is way too secure for that kind of thing. But what if?
I guess, it's the 'what if' that makes me Kindle™ under a warm duvet, in soft yellow light. 


Pallavi said...

A lovely post again! The only mystery i have read was Poirot, and Holmes. Now that you build all this drama around it...i think i should give it another try! :)

ritika said...

and you are back :)

and you must watch Dexter. i am a fan.

Scribbler :) said...

I devoured the complete series of Wire in the Blood (TV serial version of McDermid's novels) a few months back (after reading 2 of her novels...switched to the TV series). So I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. The man I live with says the same about me...."criminal germs" blah blah.

And must admit that you were the one who suggested Val M to me in the first place. So, a "thanks" long due.

Debanjana said...

Pallavi thank you :)...Ritz, I'll try Dexter...Deblina, you are most welcome :)