Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh come on! You can’t have it all!

Nobody…absolutely nobody stopped you from day dreaming my dear man…kind of your birth right, sure. But your dream has to have an iota of semi-truth about it. What’s the point otherwise?

Let me explain. The man now wants his wife to be a bit of a trophy…shed her flab, be agile, eat less junk, go on a chocolate strike etc. The man forgets very conveniently that a banyan tree, even if you don’t water it for a year, remains as ample and robust (Really?? Who cares?).

The bright new spark is that he’s going to teach me tennis in the neighbourhood park…the place that’s quite obviously frequented by cute blondes in their fluffy, pointless, polka-dotted hardly theres, and skinny males, in their physique-accentuating tights and waxed bodies. OH COME ON!!! You can’t be serious? I’ve never held a tennis racket in my whole butterball life!


It all started, when I was this well-fed kid, still managing to run across packed school corridors in break time under Mrs Solomon’s watchful eyes. She howled at me first, and later at my father, during a PTA, saying that I was going to invite an unnecessary casualty by playing so dangerously.

Thus, the Marion Jones in me was nipped in the bud by a concerned and near-neurotic father, who preferred having a sizable daughter to running to the emergency ward with a gorgeous and skinny child who had three broken teeth and a fractured torso.

Getting back to reality, nothing’s stopping my man. My Yonex rackets have arrived. God help me, coz I am terrified.


Blahsfemmy said...

If this is going to be anything like you both trying to learn French, please relax! :P

(PS: on a serious note, "playing a sport" to be fit is SO much better and interesting than going to a characterless place like a 'gym'!)

ritika said...

debu, this is nice i say... and to use the done-to-death phrase whenever tennis is mentioned - love all.

Debanjana said...

thanks ritz...and BTW, cannot seem to comment on ur blog..I get signed out everytime I try...don't know why

Debanjana said...

it'll be like french....pals, u r right :)

ritika said...

hmmm ekhon try kor, guess that glitch has been taken care of

Scribbler :) said...

what about a skimpy skirt? has that arrived too?

Debanjana said...

scribbler: spare me the horrors