Friday, January 13, 2012

Peppa and Timmy - Bad Match Indeed!

(Perfectly able-bodied humans have been given an animal makeover in this story, to keep human relationships alive)

Peppa Pig and Timmy were walking down the road to a friend’s place. Let’s call him Bob for now.

Right. But both Peppa and Timmy had forgotten about Upsy-Daisy who lives just across the road. Upsy is Bob’s neighbour, and also a common friend. What a terrible miss!

It was Christmas time, and Timmy had a bottle of Merlot for Bob. Just as they were crossing Upsy’s house, Timmy noticed Upsy sitting on her couch in the lounge and watching the television. Timmy panicked, and ran, so that Upsy wouldn’t see him at all. Poor Timmy! He banged against a lamp post and had a nasty fall…the bottle of Merlot broken, with the red richness trickling out and spilling on to the road. Upsy wanted to see what the commotion on the road was all about. ‘Oh…just another drunkard who has lost his way’, she thought!

And while all of this was playing out, what was Peppa up to? Busy saying a warm ‘hello’ to Bob, conveniently oblivious of the fact that Timmy had a blue forehead.

Moral of the story: Don’t hurry, don’t panic, and learn to recognize a true friend. Peppa for sure wasn’t one.

It’s been a week since the fiasco. I am nursing a sore toe and a blue forehead. Amitava, of course, is his usual Peppa self!!!